Flaws and such vulnerability.

It’s not simply about what you deliberately fight for, it is opening yourself to things that are worth valuing.

[photo not mine, credits to owner]

You’ve wrapped your arms around me, kissed me and said the sweetest things for times I could no longer count,

but in each moment, I knew it just meant nothing.

You enchant my day like these leaves,
and you’re just as lovely as its flowers.

It was a portal, clearly as I remember,
It was strange, completely strange,
I saw a fruit, wrapped up by its vines,
I ripped it off out of wonder,
It excited me,
I tasted it, I devoured it,
I felt it slowly drifting through my blood,
I felt it turning from vein to vein,
I felt it conquering my body,
I became numb,
I became weary,
I was asleep the next thing I knew.

A glitch was in my eyes,
I woke up, and saw everything,
I saw it changing.

Every fantasy I once knew has withered,
Every happy ending has taken out of the story,
Every color has shifted from one to the other,
And every little thing has shivered into pieces.

Everything was not the way I saw it through my own lenses before,

I don’t know how it happened, nor where it’s bound to go,

All I know is that it’s just the beginning.


There’s a song that reminds me each second of where I belong.

A wonderful melody that brings back vibrant memories shared all along.

A rhythm that pictures those places, those wondrous places.

A beat that reminisces those smiles and those laughs.

A song that puts me at the verge of shedding tears,

Because I remember everything, I remember everyone,

And I know it’s not going to be the same,

Not anymore.

It’s like riding a bicycle. At first you didn’t know how to have the wheel going and keep your balance, you didn’t know which way to start and what direction to follow, that’s why on your way to learning you always had that someone giving you a hand. 

Time eventually came, when you finally set your dependence away because you had to do it on your own. You were set free, and you realized you we’re doing it. You had it work all by yourself.

You have your own eyes to see things at your own lenses. You have your own my mind to weigh things and sustain your balance. You have your own hands to take grip of things, and you have your own feet to push your pedals and go further with wherever your dreams take the best of you. 

There will be times when you fall, and lose your break, but the confidence you’ve gained all along, will make you rise up. 

That’s what you’ve become. The old coward child just trying to learn how to ride that bicycle, now growing up riding things by himself.

Life has gotten you at this point when you’re about to face what is in store for you. 

Go, go even further!

Not about angels - Birdy

"I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen. The first of these came as a terrible shock and, like anything that changes you forever, split my life into halves: Before and After." - Jacob Portman, Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children.

A shoe box of photographs

I could barely produce the words to put here, because no amount of it will express how my life have been filled with the colors of joy by the people I never expected to meet and become truly clung to.


I could not imagine how my life might have gone the past couple of weeks were it not for the comfort of the company they’ve given me.


Even if it was just in a short span of time, it didn’t feel like it was. It was like I’ve already known them since time immemorial.


I’m more than thankful to have been blessed with this company. I’m more than glad for another friendship built. I’m more than happy to create those blissful memories. 

[Photos are not mine, all credits to Sofia Ramirez.]